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Colin qualified as a Solicitor in August 2022. He is a Consultant Solicitor at MLP Law. Colin can assist clients in the areas of St Helens, Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington and other areas in Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. He is also happy to accept instructions in most areas of England & Wales. 
He brings over 10-years of experience and knowledge solely in the area of Family Law. Colin has many years experience in all aspects of public and private matters, but has a very keen interest and is quickly developing a niche in the most complex of matters.  

 Colin has experience in the following areas regarding divorce:
- Financial applications including family businesses, pensions, significant debt, pre and post marriage acquired property/assets, and complex applications to preserve property/ set aside transactions intended to defeat the other party's claims.
-Helping clients who have terminal illnesses and neurodiverse clients with ASD/ADHD.
- Applications for maintenance pending suit to ensure clients have income to sustain themselves during the divorce until final settlement.
- Applications for third-party disclosure where one party is deliberately failing to disclose information such as bank statements.
- Divorces with honour based/ religious issues
- Applications to obtain expert reports to value businesses/ pensions
- Variation applications 
- Enforcement applications
- Pre/post nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements

Colin has experience in the following areas regarding Children:
- Applications for a child arrangements orders including lives with (residency), spend time with (contact)
- Applications for relocation abroad
- Assisting client's defend applications regarding relocation
- Applications for parents to be assessed as to their mental capacity and helping clients who may need the help of a litigation friend such as the Official Solicitor.
- Applications within proceedings to adduce additional evidence.
- Factually complex cases involving parents making serious allegations of abuse.
- Cases which feature honour based abuse/violence. 
- Finding of fact hearings where parties must give evidence regarding disputed facts (usually in cases where parents allege domestic abuse/violence)
- Applications regarding drug/ alcohol testing
- Acting for clients who have serious mental health diagnosis such as delusional disorders, paranoid schizophrenia, personality disorders
- Cases where there is a Children's Guardian
- Cases which involve multiple parties/ intervenors 
- Cases where there has been significant local authority/social services involvement 

He is also familiar with all types of enforcement proceedings where parties have failed to comply with Court orders and will always do his best to help clients ensure Orders are implemented.  

Colin understands that people facing family law issues are often going through one of the most emotional times of their lives. He knows he is unable to spare clients of the emotional aspects, however, he is always committed to ensure that client’s minds are put to rest about legal matters.  

Colin’s clients find him approachable, proactive and sensitive to their needs. This has resulted in many clients returning to him and recommending him to their friends and family. 

Colin graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a First Class Law Degree. 
He was part of the first cohort of students who sat the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) in November 2021 and April 2022.

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