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Family Law Services

CH Family Law is dedicated to providing comprehensive Family Law Services that cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our commitment revolves around assisting clients in achieving life-changing outcomes and attaining the peace they rightfully deserve. Contact us today.

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About Us

At the core of our approach is a profound pride in assisting people from all walks of life. We understand the unique challenges that each individual or family may face in the realm of family law, and we tailor our services to address these specific needs. Whether it's divorce, child custody, spousal support, or any other family law matter, we are equipped to navigate the complexities of the legal system on behalf of our clients. Our founder, Colin Hornby, is a consultant at MLP Law which is where he provides his legal services through.

CH Family Law stands as a reliable partner, navigating the legal landscape with expertise and compassion, ensuring that our clients emerge from challenging family law situations with a renewed sense of stability and peace.

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Family Law Services

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Divorces / Finances

We specialise in all areas of divorce and associated financial matters such as business assets, pensions and property portfolios.

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Private Children

We specialise in all aspects of private children work including "Finding of Fact" hearings, cases involving complex facts and cases involving serious domestic abuse.


Other Family Matters

We also specialise in pre/post nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements or drafting financial agreements.

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"Excellent service. Colin is very responsive and efficient."


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We're Always Happy To Help

Central to our ethos is prioritising our clients' bottom line. We maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that we understand the intricacies of each case. This constant dialogue allows us to stay attuned to the immediate needs and wants of our clients. We believe in a client-centric approach, recognising that each situation is unique, and we strive to provide personalised attention and legal solutions. For more information about our services we have a FAQs page, as well as video and blog content.

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Our commitment goes beyond standard office hours; we work tirelessly around the clock to deliver the necessary services and support. Whether it involves legal representation in court, mediation, or negotiation, our team is dedicated to securing the best possible outcomes for our clients. At CH Family Law, we cover matters such as divorces, private children matters, cohabitation and other family matters.

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