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CH Family Law stands at the forefront of providing specialised legal services for parents involved in disputed regarding children, ensuring their well-being and rights are prioritised in every case. Our expertise extends to "Finding of Fact" hearings, where we investigate and establish the truth surrounding complex circumstances, creating a foundation for informed legal decisions. Contact us today.

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In cases involving complex facts, our dedicated team excels in navigating intricate legal scenarios. We recognise the unique challenges that arise when dealing with complex issues related to children, and we employ a strategic and empathetic approach to address these complexities. Whether it's custody disputes, educational considerations, or health-related matters, CH Family Law is committed to securing the best interests of the child.

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Serious domestic abuse cases demand a heightened level of sensitivity and expertise. CH Family Law is adept at handling these delicate situations, providing legal support that prioritises the safety and well-being of the child. We work tirelessly to ensure that the legal proceedings are conducted in a manner that safeguards the child's rights and provides a secure environment for their future. Our commitment goes beyond legal representation; we advocate for the welfare of children, recognising their unique needs and vulnerabilities. CH Family Law collaborates with professionals, including child psychologists and social workers, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the child's situation. This holistic approach enables us to present compelling cases that resonate with the court, emphasising the child's best interests.

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Choose CH Family Law for dedicated and expert legal services that prioritise children in every aspect. Whether it involves navigating complex facts, conducting "Finding of Fact" hearings, or addressing cases of serious domestic abuse, our firm is committed to ensuring that children receive the care, protection, and legal advocacy they deserve in family law matters.

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